Our Expertise




  1. Build solar panels from solar cells
  2. Install solar panels for households, institutions, businesses, industries and communities in ranges from 100watts to 1 MW
  3. Capture solar heat and convert to electricity through the ORC process in power ranges of from 10KW to 500KW
  4. Process municipal solid wastes into solid and liquid fuels including but no limited to fuel briquettes, charcoal, paraffin wax, diesel, kerosene and petrol 
  5. produce electricity from biomass derived from wastes through gasification and internal combustion engine generators [power ranges from 5KW to 5MW
  6. Produce electricity from stream or river rapids and waterfalls in thee range of from 1KW to 10MW
  7. Train renewable energy technician and engineers
  8. Foster industrial development according to local raw materials, appropriate technologies and human resources